Edward Cable

Edward Cable

Co-Founder & Director of Community Programs, Mifos Initiative


For the past six years, I’ve sat at the intersection of two compelling sectors, the microfinance industry and open source technology communities. I’m a leader in the blossoming HFOSS (Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software) movement that brings together technologists and socially-motivated professionals to build sustainable solutions to issues like global poverty. With a professional background in marketing, I’ve grown into a facilitator and incubator for open source technology communities supporting emergent markets and the base of the pyramid. With five years of experience as Mifos Community Manager at the Grameen Foundation and as co-founder of the Community for Open Source Microfinance, I am well-versed in overcoming the challenges of delivering appropriate technology solutions that can scale.

Specialties: Open Source Communities, Social Media, Microfinance, Technology for Microfinance, International Development, User Engagement


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