Tony Kisaka

Tony Sikolia Wafula Kisaka CPP® , ITIL®, Prince2, MSP®

Regional Project Manager Vodafone PLC


Tony is a multi-skilled Continual improvement professional currently contracted by Vodafone Group PLC working out of Dusseldorf Germany as a Group Business intelligence infrastructure lead and Application services Project manager. Previously Tony worked for a period of nine years in various capacities within Safaricom limited which included

* Starting out in the Commercial division, where he was one of the first staff members to be given access to the M-pesa backend system used to support M-pesa customers,

* Human resources division where he worked on the implementation of the ISO 9001 standards and subsequent certification. He also worked on drafting and reviewing with other stakeholders within HR the Company policy documents most of which are in use to date.

* In his position of Principal Process Governance officer within the Technology division, he researched , recommended and implemented the ITIL framework that is in use to date and started the company on the Certification journey towards ISO 20000 certification. Before joining Safaricom, Tony employed his continual improvement skills in other organizations including working as an Accountant at Serigraphics limited where he automated the accounting function of the business. Later while working as the Stores and procurement executive at Mabati Rolling Mills, he automated the stores and procurement functions which contributed to the organization winning various awards including The COYA awards. Tony graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce accounting option degree from Nagpur University in India and holds a number of Quality management and Project Management certifications. Tony aspires to live in a world filled with innovative business ideas that continuously push the outer limits of our imagination. While others think either within a box or outside one, he chooses to believe that there is no box. Regardless of his past successes and failures, one fact remains true, that how things were done yesterday was the worst way they could be done and therefore each new day has to come with an improvement.

As a Continual Improvement professional with more than eighteen years of experience, he has worked in Dispatch and Warehousing, Machine Operations, Finance, Stores and Procurement, Production, Maintenance, Customer Service , Human Resources, Technology, Project and Risk Management. Tony is an advisor to various businesses and individuals who seek him out due to his deep understanding of transforming business from what it is to what it could be. He is also a consultant for Sage Magazine which is a business and lifestyle magazine that was launched recently with its first issue both in print and digital copy reaching readers in November 2016.

Corporate Social responsibility is at the heart of all he does and he has been involved in numerous initiatives over the years including being on the Board of the Safaricom Foundation as a trustee. He has partnered with his wife to start Finding Futures Ltd which is focused on Life coaching, mentoring and inspiring individuals and groups to reach their highest potential. When he is not on the clock, you are likely to find Tony enjoying time with his wife and five kids – in his own words he says “My life is nothing without my wife Ronni and kids Vicky, Tony Jr, Aidan, Wanda and Alayna. They are the reason I do what I do”.

If you are a business seeking an individual with an inability to stop thinking up and implementing new ideas for its future success, Tony is the real deal, having dedicated himself to innovatively supporting start-ups, corporates, business leaders and professionals position themselves today for future success. “ If you believe in a better tomorrow, Finding Futures is what we do” – Tony Kisaka


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