Waweru Kuria

Waweru Kuria

CEO, Inuka App Kenya


Born on the 17th of May 1986, Waweru Kuria began his entrepreneurial journey, with his first company Eye-track systems a vehicle security company. Importing the gadgets from china, he made profit margins of over 500%. The business still exists with four employees currently, but making lesser profits due to overcrowding in the market.

Having seen so Waweru started Church care ltd which he used as a channel to sell insurance and take advantage of already acquired vehicle owners. Church care ltd negotiates insurance and financial services for church members allowing churches to maximize on economies of scales. Church care signed an exclusivity deal with Xplico insurance ltd to provide discounts to motor vehicle owners through churches.

Church care ltd grew to rural churches where Waweru had a bigger vision to changing the lives of people living in Rural Africa. It is from this that iNuka Pap Ltd was founded. He was able to come up with a Financial Technology solution that helps people living in Rural Africa access credit easier, faster and cheaper. With iNuka Pap, Waweru has been able to create strategic partnerships with Savings and Credit Co-operative Organizations. He has also been accepted in programs such as Sinapis fast track fellows, Spark Changemaker, Unreasonable Institute, Techstars and where he managed to build a stokvel solution with Barclays for the South African Market.

With over 10 years of experience in serial entrepreneurship, Waweru has made it his ultimate goal to empower people in rural Africans by giving them better financial lifestyle solutions, and what excites him even more is to help fellow entrepreneurs through the journey and avoid making the mistakes he has made.


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